Production standard by GMP

Production from Manufacturing

It can do many forms.
According to customer requirements

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Capsule production

Can do a variety of colors according to Codex.
250mg and 500mg

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Machine standard

Achieves international safety standards
and GMP standards from SGS.

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Company background
Phumaneerat Bhaesaj Ltd.,part.

The company was established in 1983. It began production and distribution of household appliances. With more and more consumers accepting such products under the "Ngamrahong" brand for more than 30 years, in 2007 there was a change of shareholders. This makes the Phuomare Pharmacy Partnership stronger, but still operating under the name. Phumniat Pharmacy Limited Partnership and "Ngamrahong" brand. Sales are likely to grow. It is exported to Australia. Including has been issued. New products To be an alternative to more and more consumers.

Group of companies
Phumaneerat Bhaesaj Ltd.,part.

Group of companies There are a number of herbal medicines, herbs, body tonic. A group of herbal medicines called home remedies available at every home by GMP standardized production and sales. DKSH Co., Ltd. is a distributor who can be purchased at pharmacies. Leading general or other channels such as 7-11, Big C super center Etc.